“iUniversity” will be created

 An ICT school “iUniversity” will be created.
 Talented personnel, who will initiate ICT based innovation, will be trained in a business-academic collaboration.
   The year 2020, in Tokyo.
 I will serve as its president.

  Talented personnel will initiate ICT-based innovation. Using the warp thread that is ICT, and the weft thread that is creativity, and settle them on the pillar of education. It will use a project-based training method in collaborations with the business world.

 The warp thread that is ICT.
 Programing, information processing, etc., the basis for the information society for a 3rd industrial revolution, and then the IoT, AI, security, big data, block chain, etc., the foundation for a 4th industrial revolution will be shared.
 Their active participation will not only be limited to the ICT industry−Content. Media, finance, manufacturing, retail, tourism, education, medicine, agriculture - ICT is the heart of all industries. It supports the blood flow of all.

 The weft thread is a liberal arts-professional education.
 In other words, creative, design-conscious innovators will be trained while using ICT tech as a basis. Management, policy and more will be instilled, and the integration of arts and sciences will create immediately effective members of a productive society.

 Using the skill to weave the above threads will nurture a project base with all students interning through collaborations with the business world. iUniversity is a pre-enterprises college by preparing numerous places where are willing to host interns and projects, as well as by providing learning on the job at OJT college. With the aim of founding a college, we will take up the challenge of having all students have internships and find employment while enrolled, or by implementing an “on-the-job business learning” mechanism.

 As it is an IT college, the majority of its courses can be taken online. You can learn from anywhere. It is on the cutting edge of flip teaching and adaptive learning. Virtual courses by world famous professors, researchers, specialists will also be provided. It is a virtual and real learning environment.

 The courses will be fulfilled in English, and having students who are able to conduct business in English. Our style will not be having English taught to students, but to have students learning in English. I also anticipate there will be many exchange students.

 iUniversity will also make use of National Strategic Special Zones. The Campus will be founded in Sumida, the Eastern part of Tokyo, and a satellite campus will be built in the special Ward of pop & tech, Takeshiba CiP in Tokyo Bay area.
  Communities created by digital enterprises, international organizations, Keio University and Stanford University etc. will be opened in 2020. As a hub that works to ease restrictions related to research, business, new businesses, etc., this school will also take a central role in of taking up the challenge of innovation.

  “Enjoy change, think for yourself, create innovation” is our education philosophy. Half of all the jobs will be lost to AI and robots in the future, while jobs that did not exist until now will be created. From now on, what the next generation must possess is based on the recognition that unforeseen changes will happen and an attitude and skills to delight in them, face the challenge and overcome it.

 The “i” in “iUniversity” is: the “i” in information; the i in “innovation”; the i in “intelligence”; the “i” in “I”.
“I” will create a school.

iUniversity (iU)
School Corporation Electronics Academy
   (founded in the year 1951, with 110,000 highly skilled graduates)
26 full time professors, 800 students
Main campus is approximately 5,000 in Sumida, Tokyo
  Satellite campus in Takeshiba National Strategic Special Zones  (CiP)

    Opening: Spring 2020


The Pop & Tech of 2020

 KMD Forum was held on Keio University’s Mita Campus. This was a festival for the Keio graduate school of Media and Design (KMD). I was the faculty member on duty.

Sumo Wrestling
 The theme was “The Pop & Tech of 2020”. By inviting figures at the cutting edge of fields such as popular culture, technology, education, business, sports, and design, this forum inquired about 2020.

 I wanted to try to design the platform power of a university. By taking advantage of the KMD philosophy of engaging in real projects with cooperation between industry, government, and academia with the four mainstays of design, technology, management, and policy, a variety of people participated to enact their daily lives as an event.

At the specially planned “Our Opening Ceremony 2020,” five representatives of the media art world, including the producer who supervised the closing ceremony of the Rio Olympics, showcased their proposals for an opening ceremony with the theme “expressions of the future in the year 2020 depicted by digital technology.”

 This ceremony displayed one splendid plan after another using the void of outer space. Spectators on the floor contributed accurate comments concerning each proposal. I myself thought that it would have been good to implement all of the plans at the same time.

On the same stage, a variety of comedians, female company presidents, guitarists, and members of the Diet took the podium to discuss topics of industry and culture. While I aimed to create a chemical reaction of diverse opinions, I was surprised to find that the dialogue that I encouraged was as constructive as ever.

At the Workshop Collection - Mini, seven groups of comedians participated to conduct a workshop aimed at children. Clever children played the deadpan straight role to the comedians’ wholehearted and perceptive funny-man routines.

Wrestler Saori Yoshida exhibited a competition of the superhuman sport HADO, which uses augmented reality. “Anyone who applies this technology to their body can defeat even Saori Yoshida!” I’ve been using this catchphrase since the Superhuman Sports Society was founded last year.

On this stage, a six-year-old boy wrestled with Ms. Yoshida and, achieving an impressive victory, brought that catchphrase to life. Thanks!

 At the same time, other events such as a symposium on the computerization of education, a business contest for budding entrepreneurs, a start-up event in cooperation with the IE Business School of Spain, and an IT Policy Seminar jointly sponsored by Stanford University were also being held.

Signage 3
Twenty digital signs were placed in the venue so that telecommunications experiments could be performed with broadcast waves. Also, young ladies dressed in dozens of outfits representing clothing of countries around the world appeared and a troop of 100 different costumed characters competed with them.

In any case, we did a variety of other things including flying drones in the venue (after meeting the regulations) and displaying a model railway.